What is it?

CAT-Tools (CAT - Computer Aided Translation) do not replace the work of a human translator; however, they support this work and save its results. Sentence after sentence, word after word, up to the last detail. As the text is translated, a Translation Memory is built. Tools applied: Trados Studio 2019, across 7.0 and others.

How can I/my company profit from CAT?

Less text for translation

A CAT-Tool memorises the translated part of text - also known as segment. If the same segment occurs again, it does not need to be translated, i.e. the same translation is used. Up to 30% less text for translation according to statistics. The longer the cooperation, the more you save.

Updating documents

Have I already translated for you? Or you have a Translation Memory from your previous translation? And now you have only a slightly changed text (e.g. a manual for the latest version of your machine)? I will translate the updated parts and save your time and money.

Consistence of terms

If you provide me with your corporate termbase/glossary, it can be adopted for the whole text. Searching for words which have already occurred in the text becomes much easier. Your advantage - a consistent terminology. A must mainly for technical texts.

Same format and same form

You can deliver the text in different formats: as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, OpenOffice, as PDF or as a web page in HTML or XML or as a DTP document. Other formats are supported as well. The text will be returned in the same format and form, „only“ in a different language. All other features as font, colour links etc. remains untouched. No more extra work for you.

Translation Memory

Not only do you have an opportunity to have all segments next to each other so that you can compare them but you also have a feedback which enables you a free choice of a translation services provider.

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